Messy Truth Leadership engages you in self-discovery so you can have a positive impact on others.

Leadership is about people and people are messy. The only way to decode all the unpredictable things that we do is to become self-aware, to explore our internal experience. When we turn inward, we can start to understand why we do the things we do. With that knowledge, we can better understand other people. We can empathize and build stronger connections to individuals and teams. Hang out with us so you can become a more self-aware person and show up as a leader that others want to be around.

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Becoming self-aware is the key to successful leadership. Full stop. Hang out with us as we write and discuss how to turn inward and become more conscious about yourself.


Nicki Roth

I'm an executive leadership coach who facilitates self-discovery so that people can lead from a place of wholeness and compassion. I am the Lead Coach at MIT Sloan Leadership Center, overseeing all the leadership coaching.

Meghan O. Mahoney

Executive Leadership Coach. Supporting individual leadership journeys and the creation of inclusive and human-centered teams and cultures.

Gavin Fenn-Smith

I advise and coach senior executives and executive leadership teams. I'm part of the executive coaching faculty at the MIT Sloan School of Management. I've worked in multiple countries and cultures.